eLearning for vertigo and tinnitus
FREE 1-hour Master Class for Vertigo & Tinnitus.
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During one-hour you will learn:

* The 6 steps to neuroplasticity for vertigo and tinnitus.

* The specific triggers that delay recovery of persistent symptoms

* The Top 3 BEST solutions for developing your own recovery program.

* What it means to master symptoms, feel ROCK STEADY,  find a new way toward recovery.

*Learn WHY this is so important to implement for yourself.

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Have a pen and paper to take notes.


Important information about this Master Class.
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This Master Class is designed to help you feel informed and supported.

Discover strategies, techniques and tools for use in daily life- so that you can feel confident and learn to rebuild your desired outcomes.  

Learn about neuroplasticity (the brain + body's ability to rewire itself).
Start re-mapping your system, gently.

See you in the Master Class!

Joey Remenyi

MClinAud, MaudSA (CCP), BA (Psych), ACT/CBT (cert), Senior Yoga Teacher
Director & Founder of Seeking Balance Australia

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